Privacy Statement


The Weidmüller Group (hereinafter "Weidmüller", information on Weidmüller is available to you here), is happy you are visiting our website. Data protection and data security while using our website are very important for us. So we would like to inform you at this point which of your personal data we record during your visit and for what purpose this is used.


As legislative amendments or changes to our company-internal processes necessitate adaptation of this Privacy Statement, we request you to read through this Privacy Statement regularly.

§ 1 Scope

This Privacy Statement applies for the Weidmüller Internet offering accessible under the domain www.weidmueller.ae and the various subdomains (hereinafter referred to as "our website").


§ 2 What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can be used to find out your personal or factual circumstances (e.g. name, address, telephone number, data of birth or e-mail address). Data that could not be used to identify you (or only with a disproportionate level of effort) is not classed as personal data, e.g. data that has been anonymised.


§ 3 What personal data do we collect/process and use?

You can use a large part of our web presence without disclosing personal data. Access data are saved which have no personal connection, such as the name of your Internet service provider, the page from which you are visiting us, the name of the requested files and their access date. These data are exclusively evaluated with a view to improving our offering and gives no indication whatsoever of your identity.

However, insofar as you wish to take advantage of the services offered on our Internet presence, such as ordering a newsletter etc., it is necessary that you specify further data. This is the data required for the particular processing, such as your e-mail address for ordering a newsletter.

We use the data collected about you to provide the products and services we offer, to answer your questions and to operate and improve our websites and applications.

We use your personal data exclusively to be able to offer you an extensive service via our website or, if you use a contact form, e.g. to register for a newsletter or webinar, to order a sample product or a white paper, to render the required service.

There is no further use of your personal data. Forwarding of your personal data to third persons or use of your data for advertising purposes without your consent does not take place (except in the case below) unless we are legally required to disclose data (information to criminal prosecution authorities and courts; information to public authorities which receive data on the basis of legal stipulations,e.g. social insurance providers, tax authorities etc.) or engage third parties professionally obliged to maintain secrecy in order to assert our claims. In particular, personal data are used as follows:

a) Registration / user account

When you register with Weidmüller, firstly we save your e-mail address so we can send you new access data if you are ever to forget them. In addition, we save your user name and password to allow you to conveniently log-in to your account, and the mandatory information (mandatory fields are labelled as such (*); all other information is optional). These data are used for the stipulated purposes in order to offer you this service.


b) Purchase / Ordering samples

We use the data you disclose to order catalogues, goods or samples without your separate consent exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling and processing your order. Once the contract has been completely processed and the purchase price is fully paid, your data will be blocked against further use and will be erased on expiry of storage periods defined in tax law and commercial law, provided that you have not consented expressly to the further use of your data. Transfer of your data takes place to the shipping company to which we outsource the delivery of your order, as far as this is required to deliver the goods. For the processing of payments, we pass on your data to the authorized banking institution assigned to handle your payment. These companies may only use your data for order processing and not for further purposes.


c) Pin board / social media platform

The user has the possibility of voluntarily posting impressions, statements, photos, videos on the pin board. Every user decides independently according to their own free judgment, which data they would like to disclose and which not. Weidmüller reserves the right to delete a publication, without giving reasons at any time. There is no entitlement to publication.

d) Newsletter

In order to register for our e-mail newsletter, besides your consent we required at least your e-mail address to which the newsletter is to be sent. Any other information is voluntary and is used to address you and to be able to personally configure the content of the newsletter and clarify queries about your e-mail address. It is entirely up to you whether you provide us with this data. However, without this information we cannot send you our newsletter.


We usually employ the double opt-in method for sending out newsletter, i.e. we will only send you the newsletter once you have confirmed your registration via a link included in a confirmation e-mail sent for this purpose. This way we wish to ensure that only you yourself as the owner of the specified e-mail address can register for the newsletter. You must confirm your registration soon after receiving the confirmation e-mail, as otherwise your newsletter registration will be automatically deleted from our database. If you register for the newsletter we will store and use your e-mail address for our own advertising purposes until you unsubscribe from the newsletter. To unsubscribe, you can either send us an informal e-mail to datenschutz@weidmueller.de or cancel via the link at the end of the newsletter.

e) Contact form

If you take the chance to direct enquiries to us using our contact form, we will ask you for your first and last names and e-mail address. Moreover, you can enter your individual message to us in the message field. It is entirely up to you whether you provide us with this data. Without this information we are, however, unable to meet your contact request.


f) Advertising and market research

If you have issued consent to advertising and market research, we use your information extending beyond handling the services you require to also offer an Internet presence geared to your interests and occasionally interesting news and information about our company or our range of goods and services by post or e-mail (in the form of a newsletter) on the basis of your data, tailored to your individual interests, and use your data for the necessary evaluation and for market research purposes. For this purpose it is technically necessary that we compile your data that arises or you provide in usage profiles and to evaluate them for the purposes already mentioned. This only takes place internally and only for the purposes mentioned. You can revoke this consent at any time to datenschutz@weidmueller.de. If you have not given your consent or if you revoke it, there is no use of data in accordance with the previous paragraph. You can, of course, use the services from Weidmüller, however.

§ 4 User profiles / Use of cookies

Apart from in the cases stated above, we do not create any personal user profiles. In connection with the retrieval of the information requested by you, data will only be saved on our servers in an anonymised form to render our various services or for evaluation purposes. General information is logged, e.g. when what content is retrieved from our offering or which sites are most frequently visited.


We use cookies (small text files with configuration information). Cookies are small text files, which, in the course of your visit to our Internet sites, are sent to your browser where they are kept on your computer for subsequent retrieval. We only use 'session cookies' (also known as temporary cookies), i.e. those that are only saved temporarily for the duration of your use of one of our Internet sites.

These cookies, in particular, are used to determine the frequency of use and the number of users of our websites and to continue to identify your computer during a visit to our Internet presence on changing from one of our websites to another of our websites, and to be able to determine the end of your visit. We therefore know which area of our websites and which other websites our users have visited. This usage data does not allow any indication of the user's identity. In accordance with § 3 of this Privacy Statement, none of this anonymised usage data collected is merged with your personal data and all data is immediately deleted immediately at the end of the statistical evaluation. At the end of the session, as soon as you finish your browser session, the cookies are deleted.


Most browsers are preset such that they automatically accept cookies. However, you can deactivate saving of cookies or set your browser such that it notifies you before cookies are saved. Users that do not accept cookies may not be able to access certain areas of our websites.


Further information on cookies

§ 5 Integration of social plug-ins

Plug-ins are also contained on our websites from the social networks "Facebook" (Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA) and "Twitter" (Twitter, Inc. 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA).

These are operated by the respective provider. The plug-ins used in our online presence are identified from the respective button from the service.

If you visit a page of our websites that contains such a plug-in, your browser establishes a connection to the servers from the respective service, as a result of which the content of the plug-in is transmitted to your browser and integrated into the displayed page. This means that the information about the visit to our website is forwarded to the respective service. If, while visiting our website, you are at the same time logged-in to the respective service via your personal user account (e.g. via another browser session), this service can assign the visit on our website to your account.


With the aid of plug-ins, users can share or post links to relevant websites in social networks like Twitter or Facebook or to recommend the contents there. As a result of any active interaction you may make with these plug-ins, e.g. by clicking the respective button or adding a comment, this information is transferred directly to the respective service and stored there. If you want to prevent such a transfer of data from taking place, then you must log off from your user account of the respective service before visiting our website. The extent and purpose of data collection from the respective service and the processing and use of your data is available directly from the data protection notice on the service website (www.facebook.com/about/privacy ,  twitter.com/privacy ). There you will also find further information concerning your applicable data protection rights and setting options for the protection of your privacy.


§ 6 econda site monitor

Solutions and technologies from econda GmbH are used for demand-oriented configuration and to optimise this website by entering and saving anonymised data from which usage profiles are produced under the use of pseudonyms. Cookies may be used for this purpose, which make recognition of an Internet browser possible. User profiles are not merged with personal data pertaining to the bearer of the pseudonym unless agreed to expressly by the visitor.


Especially IP addresses are made unreadable immediately upon entry, so that correlation of user profiles to IP addresses is not possible.


With regard to this data acquisition and storage in the future, visitors to this website can at any time object to this here. The objection only applies for the device and the web browser used on it; please repeat the process on all devices, as necessary. If you delete the opt-out cookie, the subsequent requests are once again saved by us as standard.


§ 7 Use of YouTube videos

We use embedded YouTube videos in the extended data protection mode. YouTube is a service from Google Inc., Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. YouTube makes this extended data protection mode available and thus ensures that YouTube saves no cookies with personal data on your computer. When calling up the website and to embed the video, the IP address is transferred. This address cannot be correlated provided you have not logged in to YouTube or another Google service prior to calling up the site or if are permanently logged in. As soon as you start playing an embedded video by clicking Start, the extended data protection mode means that YouTube only saves cookies on your computer that contain no personally identifiable data. These cookies can be prevented with the relevant browser settings and extensions (source: YouTube "Activate the extended data protection mode for embedded videos").


Please find further information on embedding YouTube videos at YouTube information page


§ 8 Security measures to protect the data we save

We pledge to protect your privacy and to treat your personal data confidentially. We take extensive technical and organisational precautions that are constantly revised to take account of the latest technological developments. However, you should be aware that the Internet is structured in such a way that it is possible that the data protection rules or the above security measures are not followed by our cooperating persons or institutions for which we are not responsible. In particular, details divulged without being encrypted - even if these are by e-mail - can be read by third parties. We have no technical influence over this. It is the responsibility of the user to protect any data made available from misuse either by way of encryption or by other methods.


§ 9 Hyperlinks to external websites

Our website includes hyperlinks to websites operated by other providers. Clicking on these hyperlinks takes you from our website directly to the website of the other providers. This can be identified through the change in the URL, etc. We do not accept any responsibility for the confidential handling of your data on these third-party websites, since we cannot influence these companies to comply with the data privacy provisions. You should find out directly on these websites how these companies handle your personal data.


§ 10 Revocation / objection

We would like to point out that you can always revoke the consent you have given with effect for the future and the processing and use of your personal data can also be objected to at any time: Please contact datenschutz@weidmueller.de.


§ 11 Information about your personal data saved by us / storage period / deletion

We will only store your personal data for as long as is permitted by law. The deletion of the personal data stored is carried out if you revoke your consent to storage, if knowledge of the data is no longer necessary for the fulfilment of the purpose for which it was saved, especially if the user account is deleted, or if storage is inadmissible on other legal grounds. We would be happy to notify you, on request, which of your personal data we have stored. Despite our efforts to keep correct and current data, should incorrect data be stored, we will correct it promptly at your request.


You have the possibility at any time to verify, change or delete the data that you have made available to us by sending an e-mail to datenschutz@weidmueller.de. If you have permanently deleted your user account, the data saved under the user account are fully deleted automatically. A request for deletion is not necessary.


Should you wish to have the saved data deleted, deletion will be carried out on your request without delay. If deletion is not possible for legal reasons, the data will be barred from further processing. Please note, however, that with the deletion of your data, we can no longer offer the services described here.

If the user permanently deletes his user account, the data record saved under the user's account is fully deleted automatically.


§ 12 External data protection officer

If you have any questions and suggestions on the subject of data protection at our company or on this data protection information, please contact our external data protection officer directly.


Dr. Karsten Kinast, LL.M.